Sunday, February 16, 2014

Styling the Bar ~ It's All in the Details

Entertaining - we all do it.  Whether we entertain a large gathering, an intimate group of close friends, a romantic one-on-one or a quiet evening of relaxation alone, a favourite beverage or cocktail can add that special touch to any occasion.

A well styled, and well stocked, bar cart is just the thing you need to be ready for the moments as they arise.

Be inspired...

Stylish details & eclectic backdrop ~ Source

For the wine lover. Source

We love the double-duty use for this table ~ spirits stashed in a stylish basket for ease of use!

Champagne only? Yes please!! Source

Industrial Works! Source

Remember important details like glassware, decanters and ice buckets.  Source

From fresh lemonade to white wine spritzers, you can set up in the great outdoors too!

Easily shut the doors on this built-in bar.  Source

This can be a coffee or mimosa bar - early mornings will never be the same!

We love the simple style of the DIY cart. Source

Monday, February 10, 2014

Styling with Books and Shelves

It seems we get a lot more reading done during the colder months.  Frigid temperatures keep us indoors and a good book in front of the fire is a great way to spend an evening.  Having a stylish bookshelf is not terribly hard if you have the right inspiration.  Here are some of our favourite looks.

Books work anywhere, even the dining room, 
which is handy in case the dinner conversation starts thinning

In love with this library wall mixing natural elements in a contemporary space

Walls of books work as a backdrop in this elegant office space

How better to cozy up high ceilings than by filling the upper wall with books and shelves

A white office space, found on the blog, is given character and warmth with the injection of a small library of books and framed art above the desk.

A mix of moody colours, eclectic art and comfortable furnishings make this library wall, 
found in the pages of House Beautiful, inviting.

This library, the perfect spot to read and daydream, makes smart use of a hallway nook

 Bookcases hugging a sofa is a clever way to add style & storage to a living space

What is a library or a bookshelf without books? Classics add character while uniformity can happen when books are covered with pretty paper, vintage maps of velvet as shown here. &

Styling bookshelves brings in favourite pieces, memorabilia and treasured art or photos ~ ~

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finding Inspiration in Radiant Orchid

Some colors are just easier to work with.  Last year Pantone introduced emerald green, loved it! Such a rich color that looked great in so many different ways; interiors, patio decor, clothing, hand bags ~ you name it, the color worked. And that's how it goes every year, Pantone has this knack for introducing a color that isn't new but we inject it into our lives as though seeing it for the very first time.

This year is no exception.  Pantone is helping us re-discover orchid and I have to admit we're excited. How easy it will be use orchid in the every day.  From subtle overlays of the color to bold, sweeping statements I have a hunch radiant orchid will find its way in to every wardrobe, interior and accessory.

While perusing the web we came across some great inspirations for introducing the beautiful color to you, we hope you're inspired!

How will you use Pantone's Radiant Orchid?

Kitchen Collage:
Collage 1: manicure: BH Cosmetics, Ring: Tiffany & Co. amethyst ring, Orchid Sweater: Cupcakes & Cashmere
Interior Inspiration: Olioboard

Interior Collage: Backlit Amethyst, Icon Stone & Tile ~ Paint Collage: ~ Lilac Chairs:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Design a Holiday Guest Room

We all know the importance of welcoming guests into a private oasis of their own when they come to visit, but over the holidays small touches can add that holiday flair with out a lot of fuss.  Here's a list of our favourite ideas for a welcoming holiday guest room.

Scented Candles beside the bed are a small luxury with big impact - make sure they're well contained in case your guests fall asleep! And amp up the luxe with this year's hottest scents from favourite designers.

We love this candlelit display found at Minna Tannerfalk

The Latest Bestseller - cool nights lend themselves well to diving into a new novel.  You can search the local bookstores for this season's favourites and gift one or two to your guests or share one of your own well-read classics.  Magazines to flip through can also be a welcome diversion.  A single novel or a small stack mixed with home decor or special interests books work equally well.
This well styled bedside table from Style At Home offers a pretty way to display your books

Seasonal Flower Display - think outside the vase and go for the not so typical arrangement.  How about gorgeous shades of greenery or bare branch tree cuttings for something a little different?  Of course traditional flowers in a pretty vase are always welcome!
We love the impact these simple branch arrangements make - Fairharbor Marina

Luxurious Throw - from faux fur to soft, plush velvet and all cozy textiles in between, no guest bed is complete without a beautiful throw at the end of the bed.
How gorgeous is this luxurious throw from 

Plush Robe & Slippers - traveling light is important and usually doesn't allow your guests to pack big, bulky robes so why not supply one for them for the ultimate in holiday comfort.

Yes please to the plush robe & foot duvets from Restoration Hardware

Peppermint Chocolate - everyone appreciates a little chocolate on the pillow so why not surprise with a holiday indulgence.
Irresistible Peppermint Bark from Marin Homestead

Hot Water Bottle - for extra cold nights a hot water bottle can make certain Jack Frost doesn't nip at those toes. Find one with a cozy faux fur cover for a luxurious touch.
We're definitely in love with this faux fur water bottle from Pottery Barn - yes please! 

A Special Holiday Mug - chilly mornings call for hot bevvies so why not provide your guests with a special holiday mug of their own.  Give monogrammed mugs or make each guest's slightly different, so they're easy to identify each morning.  Filled with special treats they also make a lovely welcoming gift.
Found on Pinterest this holiday mug is brimming over!
What have we missed?  What are special ways you welcome guests to your home over the holidays?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bring Autumn Leaves Indoors

Science tells us the leaves we see on trees engage in a process called Photosynthesis - this is when the leaves take the carbon dioxide in the air, combine it with water from the ground and use sunlight to produce oxygen to put back into the air we breathe.  Quite a miraculous process actually!

In autumn the days begin to shorten and the reduced amount of sunshine and water means photosynthesis cannot occur.  Chlorophyll, which uses the sun's energy to produce food for the tree, is stored in the leaves giving them their green colour but it begins to fade away leaving in its place a beautiful array of reds and yellows, bronzes and ambers and purples to dot the autumn landscape and give us the beauty of the season.

And we love bringing those colours indoors!  Here are some of our favourite tree branches to use in autumn displays ~ we hope you're inspired!

This beautiful display at uses Oak Tree branches for an easy display for the family room.

Martha Stewart shows us how to rescue winter berry, beauty berry and 
burning bush to add colour and texture to a fall floral arrangement

From birch to Maple to Dogwood, this simply arrangement 
from  marries a bounty of branches together.

And sometimes the stark look of branches in a display adds just the right look to a dining room or entry.
This one is found at 

If you're wondering what fall leaves are falling around you use this leaf guide published at to identify tree types in your neighbourhood.

What are your favourite leaves or branches to display?  Share what inspires you!!

Happy Fall,